Reclamation. Resilience. Revolution.

Mafaka was founded to pay homage to the roots of international street culture, creating a narrative that knows no geographical boundaries.

Central to our philosophy to uplift and celebrate subcultures is the art of reclamation.

Just as urban styles have flipped negative terms into symbols of empowerment, our brand name boldly reinvents the stigma of the F-word into a positive identifier for quality – and equality.

Our boxer logo motif incorporates the Greek letter, phi, Ф. Symbolizing the Golden Ratio perfection, phi represents energetic balance and duality. 

This creative fusion embodies the spirit of empowerment and resilience within urban communities, while infusing it with a sense of dignity and respect.

With Mafaka Apparel, we’re building a brotherhood of style rebels, united by the threads of individuality, authenticity, and a shared passion for rewriting the rules of streetwear.